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The wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library is a lightweight SSL library written in ANSI standard C and targeted for embedded and RTOS environments - primarily because of its small size, speed, and feature set. It is commonly used in standard operating environments as well because of ...

Freeware  3,969k 423 wolfSSL
Chilkat SSL COM Component

Chilkat SSL COM Component

Chilkat SSL is a free COM component that makes it extremely easy to communicate securely over a TCP socket using either the SSLv3 or TLSv1 protocols. This component is designed to be used by C++ applications, and cannot be used from Visual Basic or ASP.

Freeware  1,000k 1088 Chilkat Software Inc

uCertify JN0-562 JNCIA-SSL practice test

PrepKit JN0-562, JNCIA-SSL is an interactive software application that helps you learn, tracks your progress, identifies areas for improvements and simulates the actual exam. This PrepKit contains 2 interactive practice tests with over 234 challenging questions guaranteed to comprehensively cover all the objectives for the ...

Shareware  8,192k 506

Komodia's free SSL sniffer

Free HTTP and HTTPS (SSL sniffer) sniffer for Internet Explorer 6.0/7.0 and WinINET applications that allows you to sniff all traffic and see decrypted SSL traffic without using a proxy or alerting the browser. The sniffer is using Komodia's "SSL hijacker" which is an SDK ...

Freeware  174k 471 Komodia Inc.

.NET FTP SSL, SFTP Component

Transfer files directly from your application using FTP/SSL and SFTP easily.

Shareware  10k 698 Safabyte

Insistsoft SSL VPN Server

Insistsoft SSL VPN Server is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN software solution for Windows. It builds a Virtual Private Network on Internet in minutes. No client hardware or software needs to be installed. With Insistsoft SSL VPN Server software installed, users can access corporate Intranet ...

Shareware  2,860k 1353 insistsoft com
XmlShell - The Ultimate Lightweight XML

XmlShell - The Ultimate Lightweight XML

XmlShell, the ultimate lightweight XML editor. It's fast, powerful, flexible, and intuitive.Main Features:1. True side-by-side XML tree structural view and table/editor/browser views.2. Grid-like table views to display table-like XML data.3. Syntax-colored free-form text editor.4. Intelligent popup list in the text editor.5. XSL Transform view.6. Opens ...

Shareware  846k 751 softgauge com
Komodia free SSL sniffer

Komodia free SSL sniffer

Free HTTP and HTTPS (SSL sniffer) sniffer for Internet Explorer 6.0/7.0 and WinINET applications that allows you to sniff all traffic and see decrypted SSL traffic without using a proxy or alerting the browser. The sniffer is using Komodia's "SSL hijacker" which is an SDK ...

Freeware  174k 1215 Komodia Inc
HTTP Wizard + SSL ActiveX

HTTP Wizard + SSL ActiveX

Seekford Solutions, Inc.'s HTTP Wizard +SSL v3.0 provides programmers and easy to use and high level access of HTTP servers(web servers) . The control works in any ActiveX container and has no dependencies other than itself*. With the new Asynchronous operation and the threaded synchronous ...

Shareware  5,140k 1095 Seekford Solutions inc
XmlShell - The Ultimate Lightweight XML Editor

XmlShell - The Ultimate Lightweight XML Editor

XmlShell, the ultimate lightweight XML editor, is a Windows-based XML editor. It's fast, powerful, flexible, and intuitive.Main features:1. True side-by-side XML tree structural view and table/editor/browser views: You can make changes in the XML tree view and immediately see your changes in the browser view, ...

Shareware  875k 985 softgauge com

Menlo Logic AccessPoint SSL VPN

Menlo Logic AccessPoint SSL VPN Software provides secure web based access to network resources. AccessPoint has 3 levels of access to data--pure HTML access to web servers, files shares and FTP servers, Java access to Terminal Services, VNC, Telnet and SSH, and a full SSL ...

Freeware  23,552k 763 Menlo Logic

PowerTCP SSL Sockets for .NET

Use the .NET components included with PowerTCP Sockets for .NET to create any type of network application. These basic network building blocks contain everything needed to create a network application of any level of complexity.Use the Tcp component to securely communicate with clients using TCP ...

Freeware  3,082k 777 Dart Communications

PowerTCP SSL Tool

Use the ActiveX controls included with the PowerTCP SSL Tool to integrate security into your server or client application. The SecureTcp component sends/receives secure data. The SecureFtp component communicates with secure FTP servers. The SecureFtpServer component is used to build a secure FTP server. SSL ...

Freeware  4,383k 944 Dart Communications

Lightweight Authentication Module (LAM)

Lightweight Authentication Module (LAM) is a language-neutral API allowing single-sign-on to be easily implemented across diverse applications. Provides authentication via CAS or other engines, and manages sessions. Client bindings in C#, Perl, or Java.

Freeware  2,027k 369

Lightweight CHMOD Calculator

Lightweight CHMOD Calculator for IT Professionals who need a correct mode number for their UNIX / Linux machines.

Freeware  6k 388

Lightweight High Availability Modules

Set of software modules to be integrated as High Availability sytem. Its basic features are lightweight, flexible, modular, and cross-platform. For people who do not like long project name, please refer to this project as Failsafe Modules project.

Freeware  3k 319

Lightweight Member Directory

Lightweight Member Directory is an online member directory where several responsible persons manage the addresses of all the members of a group, community or organization.

Freeware  25,179k 250

Lightweight Member Directory Merge

Lightweight Member Directory Merge is an online tool for merging the data of multiple member directories. It can be used with not only lmdir, but with any member directory that exports its data on a public URL.

Freeware  29,444k 277

Lightweight Neural Network

Lightweight backpropagation neural network in C. Intended for programs that need a simple neural network and do not want needlessly complex neural network libraries. Includes example application that trains a network to recognize handwritten digits.

Freeware  83k 357

Lightweight Neural Network++

Lightweight backpropagation neural network in C++. The project provides a class implementing a feedforward neural network, and a class for easily train it. It is highly customizable to manage your problem and comes with a simple graphical interface.

Freeware  1,792k 396

Lightweight PHP SMPP API

Lightweight PHP implementation of the SMPP 3.3 and SMPP 3.4 API. Includes the SMPP receiver and SMPP transmitter implementations.

Freeware  4k 834

Lightweight Word Verification Control

Lightweight Word Verification ControlThis is an custom control that will display an image with a random number and add the number displayed on the user session.

Freeware  45k 318

MParser a very lightweight xml parser

MParser is a XML parser targetted to be very lightweight (<7Kb) and with constant/very low memory greedy, thus is focused to be used within constrained environments such as J2ME/CLDC v1.0

Freeware  88k 378

LULA - Lightweight User-Level ACL

LULA stands for Lightweight User-Level ACL. A new way to manage SQUID ACLs, based on a MySQL embed and a Helper, targeting Enterprise EnvironmentsLuLa is the translation to portuguese of the word Squid. Also, LuLa is the name of brazilian president..

Freeware  1k 425

A lightweight UI library

An Open Source lightweight java library(components) for user interface. It looks cool but has a small size. It isn't javabean, but we supply a tool called UIMaker to design the UI for applet or application. And it can be found in http://smartui.sourceforg

Freeware  252k 553

Xcarecrows 4 SSL

Xcarecrows 4 SSL MIDP edition is a standalone Java library to create secure SSL/TLS connections on top of the CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0 API.

Freeware  585k 391

aclcvs + jCVS + SSL

jCVS 5.4.2 hacked to run pserver over SSL with resource bundlefor zh_CN and en_US. Setup scenario: linux cvs variant `aclcvs' + xinetd + stunnel + jCVS (win32+linux).

Freeware  1,794k 366

ssl decryption for ethereal

ethereal patch and external plugin to enable ssl decryption for ssl v3 tls v1 sessions with RSA key exchange

Freeware  44k 397

JNI CAPI SSL interface

JNI - CAPI (MSCryptoAPI) interface allowing Java applications to use SSL Sockets and utilize CAPI for key material persistance, CRL checking, and Cert-chain validation.

Freeware  192k 341

LXDE - Lightweight X Desktop Environment

LXDE - Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. This project aimed to provide a new desktop environment which is useful enough and keep resource usage lower at the same time. Useabiliy, speed, and memory usage are our main concern. Suitable for netbooks.

Freeware  1,285k 177
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